Waddup Wit It Prod​.​PhreshBeatz

by AK.Flizzow-KhmaiStil3

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Collaboration with PhreshBeatz G.N.Studio. Reppin For The North West Rap&HipHop Movement.


Waddup with it Tho! Straight up West Coast (I bang That) North West Shit Gotta Lett'Em Feel it That Underground Flow Let me get one in Let me put one in Fuck All you Hatin This Fa all'o Themz (Hook)*Repeat*

Ya!H North West Side P.town Feel Me Hater's Ain't Go'n Kill Me All That Shit I'm Still Me No Lie Put it all on me They love it when I was like put it all on me on a budget ballin my attitude was all in always been That same Black Fuck all you lame Acts fake with it talkin like I ain't shit with it fell a little bit off that dough G now ya ackin like you don't know me KhmaiStile Bitch YungAmazinEva4Eva A.K.Flizzow that Yung OG Flip That 503 I'mma Rep That Step Back You'on't Wanna Get hit with it lil bitch watchu Squackin bout!? Yeah I'm Rockin What I'm Talkin Yall soundin like you gotta mouth full of cocks and I'm toxin to the bodies in the boxin now who's coughin in the coffin deadly flows so often barry you alive either you scared or not and I'm hearin a lot I'm here on the spot still here the same block N.E.P Woooop! Yall Ain't no killaz ain't bustin no shotz Ain't callin no liqz Faggot Mofuckaz Suck on some mo Dick! Mad Cus I got'cho girl in my world made her url Sucka My Flow Sick!

I'm causin a whole lotta heat (Water! Water! Where That Fuckin Water!) cool down them haterz down cool down them haters (laugh*) who down my crew down Kamboz That's my pride I'm too proud fuck with me Got BG'z they too wild that's too down 1 and 2 down don't be too loud I can pick you out I can pick you out again and again and again and again fuck you and ya friends and ya friends friends yall play and pretend a bunch posa come a little bit closa let me show ya how a soldier suppose ta ghost a mofucka claimin to be the most toughest get the most of it I toast the bitch All My Real Mofuckaz They Know Wassup Cups Up and We Toast to this!!! hold up hold up I ain't closin this put them hoez on pause tell'em not to make a move flowz forousious they gonna do what I tell'em to do bitches won't budge until I say WoooP suck this dick grab that drink light up ya smoke that's what the fuck I call hypnosist Fo! get me yall ain't got me get me yall ain't really got me bitch you lookin sloppy clean ya self up Haterz Haters I can Send so many yeah they Body you Better Check ya'self fo we Tek ya send so many through ya body foooo


released September 13, 2013
PhreshBeatz G.N.Studio!



all rights reserved


AK.Flizzow-KhmaiStil3 Portland, Tennessee

I'm With The Underground!
I'm With The Hustle Music!
I'm With The Underdoggz!
I'm With it If you With iT Lets Get It!

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